Saturday, June 4, 2016

Bird Joy 1

I actually started stitching this about two weeks ago while my husband was in the hospital and totally messed up in the tail. 

It was all one row lower then it should have been so the body and the tail did not meet up do spent this morning taking out the tail stitches and then rest itching it. Not sure if anyone else has this issue but when I make a mistake I have a tendency to set it o the side for days, weeks even months so fixing her and picking back up is an accomplishment in itself.

Right now it's hard to tell what the background is going to be since it is agony to be a Christmas ornament it is not cherry blossom like it kind of looks like now. So far I've only started stitching the berries on the holly. Will get s not done this weekend since hubby isn't up for much and the air quality outside is only so so.

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