Saturday, April 30, 2016

Update on elegant geisha plus another finish

Boy am I really good at neglecting this place!  I put the elegant geisha for a while because I joined a nerd swap so made a walking dead fan art. I bought the pattern off of etsy and I ended up putting it into a shadow box because of the size of the project.

I actually really liked the look of it in the shadow box! Think I will do this for my geisha especially since she has French knots and a special knot in her hair. The showdown box won't crunch the knots.

My Giesha is close to just needing to be back stitched one color left off half stitches. Those shouldn't take me to much longer, then in to the backstitching and daisy stitches! And lastly the knots. Really love how she is looking. 

I really love cherry blossoms and the background with it yup love it. Not sure how much stitching will get done this weekend. Have a project to work on with my son, hubby is working today and need to go mother shopping tomorrow. So I'll be happy with getting the half stitches done this weekend.