Monday, May 30, 2016

Elegant Geisha and Mr DNA finishes

It's been a rough few weeks something I do  not want to fully go into on this blog particular blog. Lot of health stuff that only stitching see,s to help though I haven't stitched at all during this weekend. For details go  here. First I finished Elegant Geisha about two weeks ago.

Overall it came out really well. The knots in her hair took me the longest to do. I practiced for about a week before I felt comfortable enough to try it on her hair. It wasn't easy but I think they turned out OK. The original frame I bought for it I didn't like, but the second one I found out at Wal Mart of all places worked out pretty well for only 8 bucks.

 Lastly while I was dealing with hospital stuff for my hubby, as mentioned look at post I have linked above for details, I tried to keep myself busy by making presents for the year. I made the cross stitch item below. I found the pattern here:  It was fun and not to hard to make. I will be putting this into a shadow box and adding amber with a bug in it for my bother who collects dinosaur teeth. Well that's about it for today. Hopefully I post sooner then the last time I posted, but with how the month is going I doubt it.