Saturday, February 20, 2016


Last month we went through my late grandparents' sold house I order to pack everything up. To either keep, donate, sale or throw away. Didn't have much time so it wasn't an easy task. One thing I learned while cleaning out was that my great grandmother stitched and crocheted. 

The lace on these are very intracite and was hand done by my great grandmother.

Love the colors in the last one. Also like be that the hearts one if the pillow cases are all done by French knots!

So cur and woe French knots! Love the colors in the other one.

Lastly we found some of the items made by my mom and given to my grandmother. My mom is incredibly talented the Bears in the first picture are under 6 inches in length!

The patterns in the zebra and giraffe where hand painted!

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