Sunday, March 4, 2012

Kitty number 2 finished!

SO I got a break from work so got a lot done with my cross stitching yay! I'm glad I switched to beads on this because this one would have taken me a very long time to get done. The french knots just do not work well with the plastic.

Anyways the first picture is all of the cross stitching done, but before the back stitching.

  This one is after the cross stitch was added but before the beads.
And lastly beads and all and yes the also the start to the next one!

I did have one small problem with this one I thought I had everything counted right but was off by one row so the very top of his hat is missing a row! I figured its hard to tell and the next ornament that I started I dropped it a row so it should be fine now. Thankfully I did it on one that caused only 2 stitches to be lost, not that big of a deal!