Friday, February 10, 2012

Fench knots you suck

OK this one is almost finished all that's left its the french knots which I seem unable to do on this one I don't know why. It just keeps slipping through. I'm really thinking of just buying beads and doing that instead. Seriously tried for like an hour and could not get it to work. Gave up and started working on the next one.  So yes I am really thinking of switching to beads with this because I can't get ti to work and some of them are with the gold thread. Are you freak-in kidding me????? Ok enough bitching about french knots. The first picture is finished stitching without back stitching and then after. I'm always amazed at how nice it looks after the back stitching is done :).

Can just make out above his head stitches for the next one :). Think it will be sometime before he has eyes.


  1. He is SO cute - I agree you don't need any extra stress beads work! ;)

  2. Beads are so much nicer than french knots! I'm ok with one of them but I can never get two the same size or spaced quite right.
    The bs makes a huge difference on this project, it's so cute!