Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Snowman and new project!

OK I cut out the snowman and it went relatively well I *cough* only cut the back stitching twice and had to fix two spots. Guess that's not to bad! its not fully done yet. I've been to sick as of late to get to a store and I need glue to finish it! So its sitting here waiting for the finishing touches but here is a picture of it pretending that the parrot is already glued on!

I've started on a new project which will be Christmas presents. I know bit early to be doing it but I would like to get them done as fast as I can, because I know I am a bit slow at working on things and my goal is 13 ornaments. So that could take me a while.

Below is a picture of the kit.

 And here is what I've done so far since Sunday. I am really liking the bow so far though working with the gold thread sucks! It keeps bunching up and doesn't want to be tight. I've never worked with that type of thread before and I'll just have to learn.

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  1. You will need to start now! Once baby boy A shows up your hands will be much to full!
    Also this will help keep part of your mind busy during all of the surgery and waiting.
    I know that once he is out of ICU you won't want to let him down for at least a year.